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Welcome to

World of Art!

"The SMILE says it ALL!"

Vonzel's World of Art is a colorful world where EVERYONE, kids and adults alike, with any ability level, can participate and produce awesomely fantastic, unusual, fun, one-of-a-kind works of art.

In Vonzel's World those who have never participated in art before can see what it feels like to not only participate in a relaxing form of art, but actually produce a lovely piece of art work.


From those with special needs to those who need no assistance, all can discover the variety of creative and adaptive art activities.

By design, these activities allow participants to make choices and learn how to be creative. Activities are structured with a simple, easy, hands-on approach that make even the most non-artistic person a very capable artist in an instantaneous, unique way.

My mission is to make art a fun and exciting part of everyday life by taking art beyond the classroom setting and into homes, back yards, communities and anywhere where I can revive and promote the

love of art.

I have developed and fine-tuned these activities over the past 25 years. These activities are guaranteed to bring smiles to all who participate!

All Activities are Interactive &


Vonzel's World of Art is located in

Greenville, South Carolina,

serving Greenville & surrounding areas.


Contact Vonzel.

Theodore Vonzel Mickens

2011 Teacher of the Year

(Click to see full story.)